CL-200 – Cooligg Sport Bluetooth Headset:
    Lighter, smaller, sweat-proof, skid-proof, more stable and flexible with proprietary detachable ear hooks; the CL-200 makes exercising while using your device more comfortable than ever before. A voice prompt will occur both when you are in pairing mode and when you receive, answer or end a phone call, letting you enjoy quality, hands-free calls and music…anytime, anywhere

    CL-100 – Cooligg Bluetooth Receiver:
    The CL-100 is lightweight, fashionable and practical. With up to 30 feet of Bluetooth range in open space. The CL-100 can convert wired ear-buds, speakers, MP3/MP4 players into a wireless experience. The CL-100 also connects to your car auxiliary port to allow hands-free calls and music when driving. The CL-100 will bring you more fun via wireless technology.

    With an astoundingly classic black design, the CL-900 will definitely catch your eye and your ears. The unique and civilized design features within these exquisite earbuds becomes the highlight of this cool headset. The CL-900 earbuds have a powerful bass tone and rich sound. Another feature you will love is the battery status indicator that automatically appears on your phone once the CL-900 is connected.

    Cooligg CL-120:
    With its cool convex control buttons and length-adjustable head band, the CL-120 is a great fit for everyone. With it’s folding design, the CL-120 was created for easy use, transportation and storage .No power? No problem. If you forget to charge the CL-120, simply connect to your device via the supplied auxiliary cable. With Clear Voice and Noise Cancellation features the CL-120 allows you to enjoy high quality 3D stereo sound…anytime, anywhere.

    CL-530 Cooligg Bluetooth Headset:
    Lightweight, compact, with flexible ear hooks, the CL-530 makes listing to your device while exercising a comfortable experience. With Clear Voice and Noise Cancellation features, you will enjoy high quality stereo sound and with built-in rechargeable Grade A polymer 105mAh batteries in both left and right sides, you can free switch between double or single ear piece usage.

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